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Finding Faith Alone

Since my move to rural Nova Scotianity I have flet very alone as a Muslim woman, especially because I am very new in my faith even still. Here in town there are only 4muslim families, and me and one other single brother. In the 4 families none of the sisters have I met yet as they dont go to juma on a regular basis. I find myself trying hard to figure out my faith on my own…..and trust me if you live and are in a larger Muslim community you need to be thankful for it!

As for work, I am settling in and have been asked to sit on the corporate diversity comittee, so much for wearing my hijab at work. My worries were for nothing, and so far the only thing that has come from it is the chance to explain bits of my faith at work and that is a good thing.

My daughter and I have finally found our own apartment and that is a good thing so I can practice my faith without feeling like my mom hates what I do.

Often I find myself coming here, to the Internet to feel community and part of the bigger picture, for me that helps.

If you stop by and read and can think of other ways for me to increase in my faith in a lone environment let me know.