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An Area with No Muslims

I am on vacation currently and as I travel I find myself a lone Muslim in a small Canadian town. I am in Nova Scotia visiting family and the closest masjid is an hour away by car. I am just outside a town called Pictou. You may of heard of it or traelled through it if you took the ferry to Prince Edward Island.

I came to visit my mother who lives here. I find because there is no exposure to Islam in the lives of real up close Muslims people here including my mom have weird ideas. All they see are the Muslims that make the news and that is not good. It makes telling her of my reversion difficult. It makes what I have now embraced and hold near and dear the very thing that may make future visits to family difficult. I love my family very much but they seem to have very narrow views of the world around them. They are of the mindset do as we have always done.

I have found it is very beautiful here in this part of Canada but as I visit I realize that I could not live here and be true to myself or practice Islam as I would want. The closest prayers to where I am right now are Juma prayers on Fridays in New Glasgow 30 minutes away perhaps I can get there later today.