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Seeing through Different Eyes

Yesterday I had my eyes opened a bit about it means to be a Muslim in Toronto. I really really thought that we lived in a city that was multicultural open and accepting. Let me tell you what happened yesterday. My girlfriend who is also a white Canadian revert and I decided we needed to go shopping. So we get in her car and go. We had a great time got a nice basic black abaya for me and a few scarves too. On the way home a police car pulls behind the one we are in and basically follows us for miles. My girlfriend comments to me that since she put on the the hijab she gets followed and stopped more frequently nearly 10 times the rate as when she didn’t wear it. Can we say that the Toronto Police Department has a problem with profiling! I would love to see the stats on who gets the most ticketsĀ  broken down ethnically, and then when it comes to females and tickets see how many are given to hijab wearing women. It personally made me mad that in a country that is supposed to be free that this can and does happen every day.

By the way there was absolutely no reason for the police car to follow us in a slow moving lane on the DVP when the other lanes where going faster. Absolutely none. Not a single signal was forgotten, we where in the right lane and moving with traffic. Got to say this white Canadian Muslim now was a beef with the Toronto Police Department.