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One of them Days

This morning started out like any other with me getting up and praying and getting ready for my day, and then I go to get up my sweet 10 yr old, well today wasnt a sweet day. My daughter, Roo woke up with swollen eyes. So guess who’s well planned day got unto a different course? MINE!

So what does one do when thrown off there well planned path? For me

  • Read, more and more I want to be reading Allah’s word even if it is an English translation.
  • Clean, I had put off really organizing my bedroom, so that is done, yeah!
  • Do puzzles with Roo
  • Bake : I made chocolate pudding cake
  • Blog and go for a blog walk reading many great ones out there today
  • Chat both with my mom and my future guy.

Sometimes a day off plan can be a very good thing! It all depends on perspective.