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My Shadada

What is a “shadada”? It is how one enters the doors of Islam. It is there statement of faith. It is a time of choice and I have made the choice and made my declaration of faith. I have made mine–all it takes is saying the below in Arabic in front of witnesses….

I believe there is one God! I also believe that Mohamed (PBUH) is his messenger!

Yes some here in the west will think I am making the wrong choice and on the wrong path but I do believe that God has me on this path. just as he has had a hand in all that I am and have been he is here too. For me Islam makes sense in an absolute way.

My christian friends I know will not be impressed, neither will my Mormon ones, but when it comes to embracing a new faith, a new way with it comes costs and I have counted those.

I am excited as I am fearful where this path will take me but I do know this that God is with me. Guess you can call me a Muslimah now.