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My First Ramadam Approaches

Wow! In just a few days I will be doing my very first fast as a Muslim sister! Wow! I am excited and nervous but I do know Allah will help me and give me strength. So what have I and my daughter been doing to prepare? Well I want us to learn together what it is so I have been reading much and my daughter is happy because she gets to decorate but that will have to wait till after we move, which is Monday!

What are my goals for Ramadam:

1. To fast each day that I can ( I know I  will miss 5 but I can do it every other day)

2. I can do extra dua( prayer every day)

3. I will read the Quran every day that I can.

4. Learn the Salat better.

How am I preparing? I’m trying to get my body ready with less sugars and junk, I am reading and learning as much as I can about this holy month, and I’m talking to friends of mine about this holy month. I wish each of you a very good Ramadam one that is full of blessings.