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Rain Storms

Here last night I ended up walking home in the rain. I left work about 30 minutes late as I took a customer’s call just before I was supposed to leave and guess what? It was the longest call of the day.  As I walked home I couldn’t help but think of the rain and how hard the day had been and it really had been.

Then I was drawn to thoughts of how Allah prepares us for rain storms. Whether it is simply a bad day, with the daily storms that can come such  as long calls, harsh customers, a child who isn’t doing what you thought they would be, all of those little storms Allah prepares us for. My faith teaches me patience and turning to Him in prayer. I tend to do this alot when I am getting discouraged with the daily grind. My faith also teaches me to look for the good in the rain, and I can usually find something good in each  moment no matter how hard like learning something new or that I can use in the future.

Then there are the bigger storms that come, like after I got home I could here the winds pick up, I could hear the rain harshly beating on my windows. I can look out this morning and see damage from this rain storm, and then I thought sometimes in our lives the storms do come. For me the major storms in my life have been the loss of all my material possessions in a fire, the destruction of a home in a hurricane, a cancer scare, the diagnosis of a daughter with a learning disability, and the death of family members. These are all storms that come. How we deal with these rain storms vary. For me these are the times that I find faith becomes more important to me. I find this is when I am in prayer more, this is when I find myself looking for the little good things, and being thankful for them.

For me I know that we need the storms, they help us grow as humans and each has its purpose just as each drop of rain provides life in the Eco system. For all the storms that come may I say Thank you Allah, for in them we can find good if we but look.


Learning the Prayers of Islam

Have you done your daily 5 today?

Since becoming more and more a Muslim I have begun the process of learning to pray the Muslim Way. First of all there are 5 prayers for each and every day…for someone new to this it can be daunting! It is also a wonder as well..the faith, praise, and worship that is in every single prayer.

For a Muslim there day begins with prayer just before sunrise with the athan (the call to prayer) and in my nighbourhood you will see many on the way to the Masjid when many of us are  normally tucked in our beds. Each prayer while being ritualistic also has some give. Each prayer is also don in Arabic, so yes this Canadian girl who only speaks English is learning Arabic.

The second prayer comes just about lunch time for many, but before we eat we remeber to worhip God. The next prayer I think comes at the hardest time of day to pray…the very busy end of work school day, that is a hard one of me because we are such a busy house but it gives this mom a moment to stop and remember what is this life really about. It is about submitting ourselves to God.

The third prayer is right at Sunset and as I look forward to participating in my first Ramadan this prayer is the one we break the fast just before. I think I will like this time of day alot! And then there is the final prayer the night prayer or Isha which is done after dark has settled.

How am I learning to pray and how did I learn Wudu( the cleaning all Muslims do before prayer)? It was called googling it and finding some great rsources on Youtube. It is hard though and I have been told to give myself time to learn…I am gratful that I have a God that is full of mercy and love.