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People of the Book

One of the lessons I have learned in this last year as I have journeyed into Islam, is that there is much that is shared by Islam and the rest of the religirous world.  First like Jews and Christians we beleive in one God…one no other. For me that offers me a direct connection.

Second like Christians we accept the writing of all the early prophets, and we use the gospels as well, most people don’t realize that these are accepted to Muslims as scripture. WE call those that follow them “People of the Book”.

For me many of my favorite verses are in the Psalms. For years I was a young woman of the book. I attended seminary, I worked hard to learn my faith yet it left me yearning more and for me I found what I needed in the Quran. For me it brought me to God, to Allah. Do I think those that follow the book wrong?

Maybe, maybe lam, but as is said in the Quran Islam is not a faith of compulsion. People of the Book and Muslims in the old days for several centuries were able to live in peace, and understanding. So it hurts when I see such a lack of understanding and teaching, For me I pray for more one on one dialog, more one on one understanding, and then perhaps we can get to what I think God would want, living side by side in peace…all of us worshiping one God.