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What Would You Do?

Yesterday I was at work and I got a phone call from my dear daughter, she was in tears. She was in a fight after school. Basically two of the young female bullies in the school decided to beat her on the way home. What made this worse was the gang setting in which in happened. There were at least 6 other young students there encouraging it. My daughter is covered in bruises that will probably leave her sore for many days. I am thankful though that I have her here with me. Allah protected her enough that she got home.

I came rushing home, first to check on her. Then I contacted the principal of her school. I am not too sure how much he can do because the incident happened off school property. But he did say that the students involved would be spoken to. Then I took it one step further after talking to a few of my neighbours and seeing the extent of her injuries. I called the police. They came took a report, and said they would contact each parent. Because of the age of the children ( ages 10-12) there is little that could be done.

What would you do if your child came home beaten and bruised?

Here in rural Nova Scotia, I am told the youth violence, youth crime and drug usage are on the rise. Is small town living really the better way? It seems there is no programs, or when there is it is hodge podge so youth are lost between the cracks. I certainly don’t want to get to that point with mine.


Juma in New Glasgow

On Friday was another day of juma. Here in New Glasgow it is very different for the few of us Muslims that are here. First there is no masjid. If you are Muslim, can you even imagine that?

On Friday there were 4 brothers and too my delight there were 3 sisters. Usually the two other sisters that live in town don’t come to juma. It was so good to meet them finally! Here in small town Canada things that Muslims in large communities are things we can not take for granted, like praying in community.

The closest actual Mosque or masjid is one hour by car away. Many of us don’t get to see other Muslims except at prayer. I am fortunate because I work with 2 brothers who work at the same company as me. It is nice to know they are just cubicles away.

Community is the one thing I miss the most right now. Especially as a sister I feel alone. I know I am not but that is how I feel. I find it hard to grow my faith, hard to learn this religion that is new to me. I am not sure how to grow so I come online and look for that feeling of belonging here, does that make sense?

Work and being a Muslim

This week was my first week of really job hunting as a Muslim woman. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of employers here in the New Glasgow area. In my interview I asked about getting off for juma prayers and that accommodation was given to me when I signed an employment contract today. As well there is a place to pray and everything. As well there is no problem in me wearing a head scarf…so I am all set and I start my new job on Monday. So even in rural Canada we can have faith and be part of the work world.

The Move to Nowhere

Well I got home 2 weeks ago and found out they were selling the house that I rented and they wanted me out fast. While I was visiting Nova Scotia mom and I talked about me moving home so within 8 days I packed and came home.

Now I am in Nowhere Nova Scotia, actually a small village called Scotsburn NS. It is near Pictou and about 1/2 hour from New Glasgow. So right now I am getting used to being here and looking for work and a place for me and Roo.

With the move has also come some other changes. My mother now knows that I am Muslim and well I think she is still digesting it, as she has known only a few days.

I am also in an area with FEW fellow Muslims, there is no masjid within a 45 minute drive. We do have juma prayers on Friday here in town but that is it. So here I am doing my first Ramadan basically on my own.

Well that is where I am at today, I pray you are all having a blessed Ramadan.