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Eid = Storm

Well here it is my very first Eid and guess where I sit? At home instead of at Eid prayers. Today here in Nova Scotia we are having very bad weather. All the schools are closed as is our local community college. We got just enough snow to cause problems, what is worse though in the gusting winds that run up to 8o km an hr.

So what are we going to do this first Eid. Well my dear daughter has opened her Eid present. I got her a board game, so maybe we will play that. My daughter will probably wear her new abaya around the house and I’m wearing a new scarf.  For food lets see I think I will make up some of my daughters favorites…all Canadian of course.

I am feelig a bit disappointed because I was so looking forward to praying in congregation. I really wanted to feel apart of this Muslim community to which I now belong. So here I sit instead, perhaps I will go and visit some blogs this morning so I can feel the spirit of Islam that I can find here online.


Works for Me: When Embracing A New Faith

I think I am learning this new faith of mine:Islam. For me the transition from one faith to another sure has some bumps in the road. Some suggestions for those who are doing the same:

  • try to do so it a community of believers who can nurture you. Doing it on your own as I am doing is a very difficult road. I am finding that I have many questions and the Internet is not  the best place for answers.
  • give your family time to adjust to the changes in you. Don’t expect them to be happy about it over night. Remember they knew you when.
  • give yourself time. You don’t have to be perfect over night. I am thankful that Allah is kind and full of mercies.
  • dont become a I know it person, seek advice, counsel and want to learn more and more.
  • get a mentor: have somebody in your life you can turn to when you have questions or need advice.

For me so far these things are working. For me the hardest part of this walk for me is the isolation from a community that think the same as I do, that could nurture me, being a lone single  in small town Canada is hard.  Now  I am off to Rocks in My Dryer to see what works for other people in their lives.

From Mormonism to Islam

More and more as I learn about this new faith that I have embraced I see so many things that I have not left behind as I leave the Mormon  faith ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Really there are many similarities.

Here are some:

  • I still believe in prophets, just no longer in a current one, or in Joesph Smith. I follow the teaching of one who lived long ago, and brought us the Quran. His name is Mohammed(PBUH).
  • I believe still in revealed scripture, but my Book of Mormon has been replaced with my Quran.
  • I still follow dietary rules. But instead of the Word of Wisdom (no tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs, smoking) I eat halal(slaughtered properly), stay away from pork, and don’t drink alcohol or smoke.
  • I still believe family is very important as believe that women and men have defined roles in life.
  • I still believe all people have the right to choose religion. We are not about compulsion.
  • I still follow time entrenched rituals. But my temple attendance and garment have been replaced with my prayer mat and praying 5 times a day.
  • I still dress modestly. In fact now I cover more. Before I was covering the signs of my faith ( the garment). Now I cover me. I wear my hijab and long clothes knowing that I am doing what is right.
  • I still believe that when it comes to the bible that not all of it is correct.
  • I still give. My tithe has been replaced with Zakat.
  • I still pray. Now I pray more and enjoy the direct connection to the Creator and Father of All. \

I have been learning much as I embrace this new faith of mine, doing so in iolation of being a country girl has its challenges but Allah has been aiding me each step of the way. I am learning that in Mormonism I was given a foundation that would later help me embrace this faith of mine. Was Mormonism wrong? For me, yes, for others it is there faith and just like the one I live today they live and act on thier faith hour by hour, day by day.

Halloween and other Musings

Last night here it was Halloween. What is a new muslimah supposed to do when she has raised her child always doing Halloween? For me I am finding it hard to live here where so much is haram. You know the stuff that wont bring you closer to Allah.

You see Halloween has its roots in Paganism, and yes today’s kids going door to door around your neighborhood begging is not the same as the old rituals yet to participate is to give in to stuff that really isnt the best choice. Last night I gave in. You see I have a 10 year old daughter who isn’t sure she wants to be Muslim, after all the only Muslim she sees now is me. My mom is also a Holiday lover, and goes overboard for them all. Being this close to her does not help me increase my deen. I feel a bit at a loss in this new faith of mind, and some days like last night I find myself feeling bad. Feeling caught between two worlds, anyone else ever feel this?

It is this caught between two worlds that has me a bit scared. How can I really increase in faith, when I am so isolated. I find myself really missing the Muslim community of Toronto. At least there I had Muslims around I could learn from, here really I have no one, so much for being a rural Muslimah. My daughter has no friends now that are Muslim, unlike Toronto when her best friends were.

I have recently found myself online more and more seeking learning and community but even that is hard to find. I did find an online Arabic class so I think I am going to start that soon, I really want to be able to speak and read it. I am reading several blogs by Muslimah bloggers so expect to see a blog roll here soon not only of Muslimahs but of my other passion everything frugal. So visitors, if you live in the west,or are a revert like me how do you balance things? How did you make that transition?

Today is Global Pink Hijabi Day!

Last year was the first Pink Hijab Day, this year it is an Global Day, and we so need it, breast cancer effects women in every country. Today I will proudly wear my pink hijab. For me this is personal as I lost my gram 2 years ago to breast cancer. Breast Cancer effects thousands every year. Early detection is key so make sure you self test. For more info on this awful disease please visit here.  So are you wearing pink?

this is me in pink for the day….

so where is your pink today?

so where is your pink today?

The Good of Islam

I recently visited a religious forum where Islam was being discussed, more it was as I read the posts one after one were filled with inaccuracies. So often the only Islam westerners see is the media and its portrayal of Islam. Where there has been some encouraging media coverage this is not often the case. Most often Muslims are seen as forcing their way even if they are a minority, seen as wanting to kill the infidel, etc. Most don’t even know a real Islamic doctrine if they saw one.

So let me be clear here there is much that is good in Islam!

First my faith is a pretty simple one especially right now. I believe in one God, that God, Allah, is master controller of all, and your creator. I have a religion that loves and savors PEACE! I serve and worship a God that is good.

My faith has me praying 5 times each day, at least. Why ? So I can be reminded in my worship and prayer who put me here and why I am here. I pray for forgiveness each time and try and live a pure and clean life.

My faith has me and fellow Muslims doing good to and for our neighbours all over the world, regardless of that persons belief. We often here of how christian organizations are out there doing good, well so are regualr everyday Muslims we just go about it quietly without fanfare after all who’s reward is it that we want? If you have never heard of the charitable acts of Muslims around the world, I invite you to read the stories of Muslims coming together to help others found on Islamic Relief, only one organization that does good every day, sometimes even in your neighbourhood.

My faith teaches me to obey the laws of where I live and to do so in peace, as long as I am allowed to worship.

My only jihad is to overcome the sin that is in me each day, and to fight it, and to draw closer to my God.

My Islam is full of good, now if only some were willing to see it. Maybe we could have more understanding, maybe we would understand each other better, maybe we could live beside each other in peace just as many early Muslims did with their neighbours for centuries and as many continue to do today.

Thanksgiving and Voting Today

Yesterday was the first time in ten years that I spent any time on a holiday with my immediate family. My mom, sister, bro in law, 2 nieces and my aunt and uncle all came for dinner at my house. It was Thanksgiving here, and I know as a new Muslim we don’t really celebrate the secular holidays but really for me I find I have much to thank Allah for. It was a wonderful time, of shared food and talking mostly about childhood memories.

Then I wake today and here in Canada it is voting day.Federal Election time, and I live in what shall be a very watched race….so if you live in Central Nova or in any other electoral area here in Canada take the time today and make your voice heard! As Canadians I think it is important that we voice or opinion no matter good or bad, we have a choice. Here in Central Nova we have one of the party leaders running so that is why we will have lots of coverage here.

so if you a canuck like me go and vote!