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Another Late Night

How many times have to stayed up late? Recently too many too count. I find myself online looking for more information, wanting to learn more, wanting to find more.

Last night I was watching video on the discussion of Christ and who he is. My entire life I have believed and followed him. Sought after a relationship with Christ. But is it him that I owe this allegiance? Would God really have to become man to save us from our sins? This is something I am beginning to rethink. After all it has been the basis for my faith for the last 30 years of my life.

Who was this Jesus? Is he what some say or was he merely another one who pointed us to God who was given the ability to do miracles?

So I was up late watching and reading videos on the topic. I am learning much and here I thought I had the beginnings of a seminary education. I thought I was smart, that I was correct, what if I have been wrong? Could it be?