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Proudest Mommy Moment

Last night my daughter who is 11 came home last night and told me that her teacher introduced a book in class as there next major chapter book to be read as a class. The book follows the life of one young Muslim girl in Afghanistan. So Rachel shared with her class that we are Muslim, she also said she would bring things from home that Muslims use. So she came to me and asked me if she could bring my prayer rug ( I only have one.) and a couple of my different style hijabs.  I said yes.

So this morning she asked if she could wear her hijab to school. This is a first! My daughter likes hijab but was fearful of wearing it to school. She is only Muslim female student in town. So today when she asked I was quick to say Yes. So she picked her pink hijab and wore it to school. I was so proud!

She came home from lunch to tell me her morning had gone well. She had a chance to show the class how one would use a prayer rug, what wudu is, and why a Muslim woman wears hijab. She said her classmates were very interested.

Tonight I got a call from her teacher telling me that my dear daughter had done an amazing job and brought what it was like to be a muslim child to life for her class. She asked if I could send in any more resources about Islam that I thought the class would enjoy. I said I would if I could think of things that would benefit them. So if you had a chance to share Islam with a group of 10 and 11 year olds what would you share?

For me I am so proud of my daughter as a new muslimah that she shared her faith with her class. Oh and as this book will take them all through the month of November and Early Dec, the teacher wants Rachel to teach about Eid (something Rachel has yet to celebrate herself yet) so I guess I better get looking for resources on teaching her about the upcoming Eid.


Seeing through Different Eyes

Yesterday I had my eyes opened a bit about it means to be a Muslim in Toronto. I really really thought that we lived in a city that was multicultural open and accepting. Let me tell you what happened yesterday. My girlfriend who is also a white Canadian revert and I decided we needed to go shopping. So we get in her car and go. We had a great time got a nice basic black abaya for me and a few scarves too. On the way home a police car pulls behind the one we are in and basically follows us for miles. My girlfriend comments to me that since she put on the the hijab she gets followed and stopped more frequently nearly 10 times the rate as when she didn’t wear it. Can we say that the Toronto Police Department has a problem with profiling! I would love to see the stats on who gets the most tickets¬† broken down ethnically, and then when it comes to females and tickets see how many are given to hijab wearing women. It personally made me mad that in a country that is supposed to be free that this can and does happen every day.

By the way there was absolutely no reason for the police car to follow us in a slow moving lane on the DVP when the other lanes where going faster. Absolutely none. Not a single signal was forgotten, we where in the right lane and moving with traffic. Got to say this white Canadian Muslim now was a beef with the Toronto Police Department.

First Hand Expereince with the Hijab

Well today I decided to take my journey one step further today and wore the hijab. Yes I was going to the mosque for the mid afternoon prayer and well to be respectful I decoded to would go attired properly. So my daughter and I dressed modestly and put on the hijab. Then we went to run a few errands on the way to the meting. Lets just say i was a bit surprised by a few of the reactions I got considering that I live in Toronto.


  • bank teller- what is that garb you are wearing? and why? haven’t sen that on you before.
  • my landlord who I bumped into- You are thinking of becoming what!
  • Muslims sisters- smiles and greetings!
  • a Muslim Brother who I had a conversation with after we were done talking: It is so cool to see you wearing it I wished more of the sisters did.

I will write more later about my experience at the mosque.