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Developing Good Habits

Sometimes I think  i am lazy! After all I live in a big city and I have every convenience at my disposal. This can often mean for me bad habits- like eating on the fly, not keeping a neat and tidy place at all times, like wasting time watching tv, and playing on the computer…. there are many things that became bad habits over the years and really as I look at them now they are some of the things that separated me from God.

Upon entering Islam I found myself very much examining my life and how I live it. Really it has been much about existing and not really one of design or discipline. So how am I changing? How am I becoming more disciplined and developing good habits?

1. First i am getting up for fjur prayer. This is the first prayer of the day for a Muslim, it happens just before sunrise. Yes that means getting up early, and trying to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up. Being up early means there is more practical time for me to get things done! Really I find early in the morning this woman can get alot done!

2. In the eveing instead of sitting in front of the tv watching mindless drivel I find myself instead wanting to learn, wanting to know more….this has made this woman realize that she has become a student again.

3. In trying to eat “halal” ( that which is good) I am cooking more and me and my daughter are eating better healthier foods.

4. Also there is a saying that cleanness is next to godliness and I am starting to agree, besides my apartment looks great and more gets done when it is neat and tidy and clean at all times.  It simply is a better environment for me and my daughter.