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Comparing Religous Thought

This past week sometimes I feel as my head is spinning! As I strive to learn more about God and religion and what is right and what is wrong with differing thought it leads one to compare and really look at the doctrines and history of the religions.

Okay first since it was the Christian faith that I embraced as a child and youth. This has also been the faith that I now question most. First I find the “trinity” a doctrine that really does not stand especially when you put it into the context of the times of the early Christian. I do believe Christ lived, that he performed miracles and taught people to follow him. The Gospels I still love till this day.

Then there is the Mormon faith that I embraced as a young adult. Because of the death of the apostles I really do believe that much of what Christ taught was lost. I think many of toady’s “Christians” don’thave a leg to stand out doctrinally and if they do why do we see theĀ denominational ism that there is, with everyone fighting to best the other? Were is the unity and love Christ taught? Was there a need for someone to follow Christ that becomes the question of the day. Now Mormon thought is that there was a “dark ages”, a falling away, where religion was hid up and kept from the masses and in the “Christian world” this was the truth where in Arabia at the same time the masses were embracing Islam as fast as they heard it. Okay so either there was this falling away and the need for a restoration or there wasn’t. With Mormonism came new scriptures, a new way of life and many “different” doctrines: rules for living. Where have we heard this before? In Islam.

First in Mormonism there is the Book of Mormon which tells of the life and times on the American side of the World before and after Christ. Many Mormons want you to take this book on faith. Besides the 3 witnesses no one saw this book. It was taken back after its translation. After its translation it has gone through many edits along the way. This is fact. Then come the doctrines that change “lives”. The Word of Wisdom are health laws that every practicing Mormon follow. There is the doctrine of enduring to the end if you want to achieve the celestial kingdom. Oh and women you have to have your husband call you there…or you don’t get in. Much of the LDS faith one has to take on faith. Now historically as well Islam and Mormonism have something important in common.

What could these two religions have in common? How much each is hated in America! Often when either are written about in the media, or online it is a hate piece. It is a piece that demonizes the faith of those that follow it. In the US when the Mormon faith was beginning Mormons were persecuted in a land that was based on religious freedom. The prophet Joseph Smith was murdered for what he taught. Today even there are huge misunderstanding of what each of these faiths teach.

Now I will admit that I have just begun to look at the Muslim faith. From what I understand so far the Quran comes from the prophet Mohammed being toldĀ  of God ( Allah) these words. These words were then shared with many who basically memorized it at a time when many were illiterate. From what I understand so far there are lots of rules in the faith as well, but so far most make sense at least.

Where is all this comparing leading m right now i am unsure. I really do feel as if I have been in a desert, and there was a sand storm and my eyes are just beginning to see again. Where will this journey take me Im unsure right now but I do know that I believe in God and I know he will guide me on the way.