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Thrifty Holiday Gifts for Girls


Over at Rocks inĀ  My Dryer the theme for the weekly what works for me is Toys! With Eid. and every other major holiday happening in December it is gift giving time again. So what to give, what does every girl want and how can one do it and still be frugal. My dear daughter is now at that tough preteen age. Not quite a child not quite a teen.

Here are some things that we gave over the Years that kept her occupied for hours. All are good and were well used over and over, making them great investments.

1. Ello– the girl version of Lego. My girl spent many an hour building every kind of creation with it.

2. Dressup Clothes- here I bought a large Rubbermaid Container and filled it with finds from the dollar store and my local thrift shop.

3. Art Supplies- for my girl, last year she recieved a 100 pc art kit, and this is still used as creative play is a good thing. You can do this frugally by getting a basket and filling it with art items from your local dollar store.

4. Board Games- These are great not only for girls but the entire family. Our favorites include anything in the Cranium family, Life, Monopoly, Twister and Scrabble. All make for hours of simple old fashion fun.

5. a tea set- My daughter received a very nice china one last year, and over the year we have had several tea picnics.

Now what is on this preteens list this holiday season:

1.Bedding- she wants to redecorate her room- this one is a probable get from her father for Christmas

2. a digital camera and scrapbook, this is a maybe.

3. Makeup–okay lipgloss but that is as far as this mom goes

4. a purse and wallet

5. art supplies as hers are well used and getting old.

The holidays are a time that kids love. My daughter this year will celebrate Eid, and Christmas both in the same month. So she is looking forward to twice as many holidays. For Eid though she is getting her first abaya ( a sweet pink one). and one small toy. For Christmas she will get several gifts from my family and her father, and then right after Christmas is her birthday. I already made my budget and am planning on keeping it.


Menu Monday- Easy, and Fast

This is going to be a busy week. So have to keep my menu easy. But at the same time I have to think frugal after all I am a penny pinching woman. One of my favorite places to head when Im think fast easy and cheap is the Canadian Living Website. It is one of my favorite places to stop. So here is my plan for the week.

Monday- Breakfast for dinner: waffles, and maple syrup and fruit salad.

Tuesday-Shrimp Boil, a yummy treat, now we do not add the kielbasa to this one but other then that we love. it

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese Sandwichs, and Tomato Soup

Thursday- Chickpea Ragout with Polenta

Went vegan on this one as I am having company for dinner who are vegan.

Friday-Cheese Pizza, and salad

Saturday- Broccoli and Tortellini

Sunday- Chicken and Green Bean Stew, fresh rolls

Now I am off to visit Laura over at Organizing Junkie to see what everyone else is cooking.

Menu Monday-Quick, Easy and Frugal

I used to have another blog where I was a regular for a bit participating in Menu Monday hosted by the wonderful Laura over at Im an Organizing Junkie. I have decided now that I am settled in here that menu planning is once again a must for me.

For those who are visiting me for the first time, welcome to my neck of the woods. I am a single mom living in rural Nova Scotia who loves to keep things simple and frugal. I feed just two of us: an active 10 yr old and me.

So on the menu this week:

Monday- I happened to visit $5 dinners and loved her Taco Soup recipe so we are doing that. We buy halal beef for this recipe.

Tuesday- It is breakfast for dinner- scrambled eggs and toast, with tomato slices.

Wednesday- Fried Rice and Egg Rolls

Thursday- Slow Cooker Cooking this day-Easy Slow Cooker chicken, served with salad

Friday- Cheese Pizza, served with left over salad

Saturday- leftovers

Sunday- I work so today I bring home dinner- a 12 inch seafood sub that we share, with chips on the side.