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What Would You Do?

Yesterday I was at work and I got a phone call from my dear daughter, she was in tears. She was in a fight after school. Basically two of the young female bullies in the school decided to beat her on the way home. What made this worse was the gang setting in which in happened. There were at least 6 other young students there encouraging it. My daughter is covered in bruises that will probably leave her sore for many days. I am thankful though that I have her here with me. Allah protected her enough that she got home.

I came rushing home, first to check on her. Then I contacted the principal of her school. I am not too sure how much he can do because the incident happened off school property. But he did say that the students involved would be spoken to. Then I took it one step further after talking to a few of my neighbours and seeing the extent of her injuries. I called the police. They came took a report, and said they would contact each parent. Because of the age of the children ( ages 10-12) there is little that could be done.

What would you do if your child came home beaten and bruised?

Here in rural Nova Scotia, I am told the youth violence, youth crime and drug usage are on the rise. Is small town living really the better way? It seems there is no programs, or when there is it is hodge podge so youth are lost between the cracks. I certainly don’t want to get to that point with mine.


Halloween and other Musings

Last night here it was Halloween. What is a new muslimah supposed to do when she has raised her child always doing Halloween? For me I am finding it hard to live here where so much is haram. You know the stuff that wont bring you closer to Allah.

You see Halloween has its roots in Paganism, and yes today’s kids going door to door around your neighborhood begging is not the same as the old rituals yet to participate is to give in to stuff that really isnt the best choice. Last night I gave in. You see I have a 10 year old daughter who isn’t sure she wants to be Muslim, after all the only Muslim she sees now is me. My mom is also a Holiday lover, and goes overboard for them all. Being this close to her does not help me increase my deen. I feel a bit at a loss in this new faith of mind, and some days like last night I find myself feeling bad. Feeling caught between two worlds, anyone else ever feel this?

It is this caught between two worlds that has me a bit scared. How can I really increase in faith, when I am so isolated. I find myself really missing the Muslim community of Toronto. At least there I had Muslims around I could learn from, here really I have no one, so much for being a rural Muslimah. My daughter has no friends now that are Muslim, unlike Toronto when her best friends were.

I have recently found myself online more and more seeking learning and community but even that is hard to find. I did find an online Arabic class so I think I am going to start that soon, I really want to be able to speak and read it. I am reading several blogs by Muslimah bloggers so expect to see a blog roll here soon not only of Muslimahs but of my other passion everything frugal. So visitors, if you live in the west,or are a revert like me how do you balance things? How did you make that transition?

A Thief in the House

Yesterday I allowed my daughter to have friends over after school. I am now second guessing my choice, as one ended up taking jewelery and money from my home. I must admit after I found out a huge variety of emotions filled me. Anger, frustration and disappointment were at the head of these though. I had been told I didn’t live in best neighborhood, to watch who my daughter befriended and so far it looks like she is making poor ones. So what does a mom do?

I know I need to forgive that is a given, but how do I help my daughter make better friends in the rough end of town? This is what I am up and pondering so early in the morning.

One of them Days

This morning started out like any other with me getting up and praying and getting ready for my day, and then I go to get up my sweet 10 yr old, well today wasnt a sweet day. My daughter, Roo woke up with swollen eyes. So guess who’s well planned day got unto a different course? MINE!

So what does one do when thrown off there well planned path? For me

  • Read, more and more I want to be reading Allah’s word even if it is an English translation.
  • Clean, I had put off really organizing my bedroom, so that is done, yeah!
  • Do puzzles with Roo
  • Bake : I made chocolate pudding cake
  • Blog and go for a blog walk reading many great ones out there today
  • Chat both with my mom and my future guy.

Sometimes a day off plan can be a very good thing! It all depends on perspective.

Thanksgiving and Voting Today

Yesterday was the first time in ten years that I spent any time on a holiday with my immediate family. My mom, sister, bro in law, 2 nieces and my aunt and uncle all came for dinner at my house. It was Thanksgiving here, and I know as a new Muslim we don’t really celebrate the secular holidays but really for me I find I have much to thank Allah for. It was a wonderful time, of shared food and talking mostly about childhood memories.

Then I wake today and here in Canada it is voting day.Federal Election time, and I live in what shall be a very watched race….so if you live in Central Nova or in any other electoral area here in Canada take the time today and make your voice heard! As Canadians I think it is important that we voice or opinion no matter good or bad, we have a choice. Here in Central Nova we have one of the party leaders running so that is why we will have lots of coverage here.

so if you a canuck like me go and vote!

An Area with No Muslims

I am on vacation currently and as I travel I find myself a lone Muslim in a small Canadian town. I am in Nova Scotia visiting family and the closest masjid is an hour away by car. I am just outside a town called Pictou. You may of heard of it or traelled through it if you took the ferry to Prince Edward Island.

I came to visit my mother who lives here. I find because there is no exposure to Islam in the lives of real up close Muslims people here including my mom have weird ideas. All they see are the Muslims that make the news and that is not good. It makes telling her of my reversion difficult. It makes what I have now embraced and hold near and dear the very thing that may make future visits to family difficult. I love my family very much but they seem to have very narrow views of the world around them. They are of the mindset do as we have always done.

I have found it is very beautiful here in this part of Canada but as I visit I realize that I could not live here and be true to myself or practice Islam as I would want. The closest prayers to where I am right now are Juma prayers on Fridays in New Glasgow 30 minutes away perhaps I can get there later today.