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World Kindness Week is Coming- Great gifts to Give

I have been doing alot of thinking about compassion and kindness lately and making it a goal to be more kind each day. Well so happens that next week is World Kindness Week. So how kind are you? Do you regularly look for ways to serve you fellow human. I really think that we show our love for Allah (God) by how we treat others daily.

So what are some gifts that we can give that wont cost a penny:

  • The gift of service-how about volunteering to help someone if even for a few hours.
  • The gift of affection-hugs and kisses are free
  • The gift of laughter- O to laugh is to know joy!
  • The gift of a written note- when was the last time you actually wrote a note!
  • The gift of a compliment- a simple one can go a long way
  • The Gift of Listening- really listening in a non judgemental way.
  • The Gift of Solitude- spend some time in quiet and help others to do the same.

Now if you want to give out of your pocket book that is okay too and there are a ton of great charities that are in real need right now. For me though as a single mom I still think instilling kindness and charity is something I really want to teach my daughter, and really it does go hand in hand with the other side of me that is frugal.


The Good of Islam

I recently visited a religious forum where Islam was being discussed, more it was as I read the posts one after one were filled with inaccuracies. So often the only Islam westerners see is the media and its portrayal of Islam. Where there has been some encouraging media coverage this is not often the case. Most often Muslims are seen as forcing their way even if they are a minority, seen as wanting to kill the infidel, etc. Most don’t even know a real Islamic doctrine if they saw one.

So let me be clear here there is much that is good in Islam!

First my faith is a pretty simple one especially right now. I believe in one God, that God, Allah, is master controller of all, and your creator. I have a religion that loves and savors PEACE! I serve and worship a God that is good.

My faith has me praying 5 times each day, at least. Why ? So I can be reminded in my worship and prayer who put me here and why I am here. I pray for forgiveness each time and try and live a pure and clean life.

My faith has me and fellow Muslims doing good to and for our neighbours all over the world, regardless of that persons belief. We often here of how christian organizations are out there doing good, well so are regualr everyday Muslims we just go about it quietly without fanfare after all who’s reward is it that we want? If you have never heard of the charitable acts of Muslims around the world, I invite you to read the stories of Muslims coming together to help others found on Islamic Relief, only one organization that does good every day, sometimes even in your neighbourhood.

My faith teaches me to obey the laws of where I live and to do so in peace, as long as I am allowed to worship.

My only jihad is to overcome the sin that is in me each day, and to fight it, and to draw closer to my God.

My Islam is full of good, now if only some were willing to see it. Maybe we could have more understanding, maybe we would understand each other better, maybe we could live beside each other in peace just as many early Muslims did with their neighbours for centuries and as many continue to do today.