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Thanksgiving and Voting Today

Yesterday was the first time in ten years that I spent any time on a holiday with my immediate family. My mom, sister, bro in law, 2 nieces and my aunt and uncle all came for dinner at my house. It was Thanksgiving here, and I know as a new Muslim we don’t really celebrate the secular holidays but really for me I find I have much to thank Allah for. It was a wonderful time, of shared food and talking mostly about childhood memories.

Then I wake today and here in Canada it is voting day.Federal Election time, and I live in what shall be a very watched race….so if you live in Central Nova or in any other electoral area here in Canada take the time today and make your voice heard! As Canadians I think it is important that we voice or opinion no matter good or bad, we have a choice. Here in Central Nova we have one of the party leaders running so that is why we will have lots of coverage here.

so if you a canuck like me go and vote!