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Rain Storms

Here last night I ended up walking home in the rain. I left work about 30 minutes late as I took a customer’s call just before I was supposed to leave and guess what? It was the longest call of the day.  As I walked home I couldn’t help but think of the rain and how hard the day had been and it really had been.

Then I was drawn to thoughts of how Allah prepares us for rain storms. Whether it is simply a bad day, with the daily storms that can come such  as long calls, harsh customers, a child who isn’t doing what you thought they would be, all of those little storms Allah prepares us for. My faith teaches me patience and turning to Him in prayer. I tend to do this alot when I am getting discouraged with the daily grind. My faith also teaches me to look for the good in the rain, and I can usually find something good in each  moment no matter how hard like learning something new or that I can use in the future.

Then there are the bigger storms that come, like after I got home I could here the winds pick up, I could hear the rain harshly beating on my windows. I can look out this morning and see damage from this rain storm, and then I thought sometimes in our lives the storms do come. For me the major storms in my life have been the loss of all my material possessions in a fire, the destruction of a home in a hurricane, a cancer scare, the diagnosis of a daughter with a learning disability, and the death of family members. These are all storms that come. How we deal with these rain storms vary. For me these are the times that I find faith becomes more important to me. I find this is when I am in prayer more, this is when I find myself looking for the little good things, and being thankful for them.

For me I know that we need the storms, they help us grow as humans and each has its purpose just as each drop of rain provides life in the Eco system. For all the storms that come may I say Thank you Allah, for in them we can find good if we but look.



  • mobile:n, migratory; “a restless mobile society”; “the nomadic habits of the Bedouins”; “believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a …
  • meandering(a): of a path e.g.; “meandering streams”; “rambling forest paths”; “the river followed its wandering course”; “a winding country road”
  • travelling about without any clear destination; “she followed him in his wanderings and looked after him”
  • erratic: having no fixed course; “an erratic comet”; “his life followed a wandering course”; “a planetary vagabond”
  • What does it mean to wander through life?



    I can say that through my life I have been wandering, especially when it comes to the things that matter. I can say my course has not been “fixed”. It has had me examine the serious questions of life over and over with my pairs of glasses on.

    I grew up in a home where there was a basic belief in God but without real intent to pass on any real knowledge. Yes I went to Sunday School and learned about Jesus but what was practiced at home: nothing.

    When I was 13 I began attending a Southern Baptist Church. I loved the youth group and the simplicity of the message of the gospel of Christ as it was presented…It was as simple as pray Jesus in. Well after really looking at the bible I was left with many questions. I had to wander and look some more.

    By the time I was in University I was part of a church planting team and even went away for a year and worked with the homeless in LosAngeles. That year taught me to read and study! My life has been about that since.

    When I was 22 I converted to Mormonism. I had in Christianity had trouble with several thoughts including pray Jesus in and all was well. In Mormonism there was ritual and rules. There was comfort in how they had great families. I became an active Mormon even marrying in the temple. My marriage dissolved a year later with me having more questions then answers.

    Then a friend introduced me to the Church of Christ and there doctrines and I was a member there for awhile…they had some rules like the Mormons but not the additional scriptures. But a few years ago I again became disillusioned.

    I have been wandering since childhood looking for a faith that is true. That answers the important questions…so far many of my questions go unanswered.

    Recently my wandering has taken me to examining Islam. This is a recent thing and the reason for this blog. I want to record what I find as I examine faith and look forward to maybe the day that this faithful wander can stop wandering and embrace a faith that is what it says it is. Is that too much to ask?

    From a young age I have been a seeker of knowledge and I think that is a good thing and just maybe that is why I have wandered so much.