Teaching Kids About Money for the Hard Days Ahead.

Sometimes I think as I look around at the economic situation of the world today I ask myself the question, What if people really followed the finical plan of their faith? What is there was more interest in selflessness then in the I want attitude that is everywhere today. So what do you want to pass on to your childern? For me I want to teach my preteen daughter to be prepared for the future. So how am I doing this?

1. For me I am Muslim, so this means knowing what is Islamically correct. For Muslims we pay zakat and shouldnt pay Riba. Zakat is charity that is required giving based on one’s wealth. Riba means not to pay interest. For Christians they have the tithe.

2.Then once you know what is taught or what are the important principles you want to pass on to your children, live them and let your children know you are doing so.

3. Make it a matter of dua (prayer). Pray about the best ways to teach your childern. I know I am.

4. Give them the opportunity to learn by giving them an allowance. This allows them to handle money, learn to budget and learn to give.

5. Teach Halal vs Haram spending habits. Teach what is good spending and what is being wasteful. Is all there spending going to candy or video games or dvds?  What about making them responsible for says clothing, or something that instills responsibility. Take them shopping, and teach them about frugality. Teach them about quality, and usefulness.

6. Teach them about giving, about being kind with thier money. For me I teach zakat and sadaqa              ( voluntarily giving). A portion of every allowance should be taught to be given to others who need more.

7. Sponsor an orphan. We have done this and it teaches and reminds us how blessed we are here and allows us to help one person directly. There are several great organizations that you can sponsor one through. I recommend The Zakat , or Plan Canada

8. Encourage savings. Is there something they really want? Encourage savings maybe with a matching system. For my daughter if she saves 80% of what is needed for a larger item I will chip in 20%. That is how a new bike was bought.

9. Finally talking about money and finances openly. Tell your kids your money goals. Have family budget meetings.


Thrifty Holiday Gifts for Girls


Over at Rocks in  My Dryer the theme for the weekly what works for me is Toys! With Eid. and every other major holiday happening in December it is gift giving time again. So what to give, what does every girl want and how can one do it and still be frugal. My dear daughter is now at that tough preteen age. Not quite a child not quite a teen.

Here are some things that we gave over the Years that kept her occupied for hours. All are good and were well used over and over, making them great investments.

1. Ello– the girl version of Lego. My girl spent many an hour building every kind of creation with it.

2. Dressup Clothes- here I bought a large Rubbermaid Container and filled it with finds from the dollar store and my local thrift shop.

3. Art Supplies- for my girl, last year she recieved a 100 pc art kit, and this is still used as creative play is a good thing. You can do this frugally by getting a basket and filling it with art items from your local dollar store.

4. Board Games- These are great not only for girls but the entire family. Our favorites include anything in the Cranium family, Life, Monopoly, Twister and Scrabble. All make for hours of simple old fashion fun.

5. a tea set- My daughter received a very nice china one last year, and over the year we have had several tea picnics.

Now what is on this preteens list this holiday season:

1.Bedding- she wants to redecorate her room- this one is a probable get from her father for Christmas

2. a digital camera and scrapbook, this is a maybe.

3. Makeup–okay lipgloss but that is as far as this mom goes

4. a purse and wallet

5. art supplies as hers are well used and getting old.

The holidays are a time that kids love. My daughter this year will celebrate Eid, and Christmas both in the same month. So she is looking forward to twice as many holidays. For Eid though she is getting her first abaya ( a sweet pink one). and one small toy. For Christmas she will get several gifts from my family and her father, and then right after Christmas is her birthday. I already made my budget and am planning on keeping it.

World Kindness Week is Coming- Great gifts to Give

I have been doing alot of thinking about compassion and kindness lately and making it a goal to be more kind each day. Well so happens that next week is World Kindness Week. So how kind are you? Do you regularly look for ways to serve you fellow human. I really think that we show our love for Allah (God) by how we treat others daily.

So what are some gifts that we can give that wont cost a penny:

  • The gift of service-how about volunteering to help someone if even for a few hours.
  • The gift of affection-hugs and kisses are free
  • The gift of laughter- O to laugh is to know joy!
  • The gift of a written note- when was the last time you actually wrote a note!
  • The gift of a compliment- a simple one can go a long way
  • The Gift of Listening- really listening in a non judgemental way.
  • The Gift of Solitude- spend some time in quiet and help others to do the same.

Now if you want to give out of your pocket book that is okay too and there are a ton of great charities that are in real need right now. For me though as a single mom I still think instilling kindness and charity is something I really want to teach my daughter, and really it does go hand in hand with the other side of me that is frugal.

Menu Monday- Easy, and Fast

This is going to be a busy week. So have to keep my menu easy. But at the same time I have to think frugal after all I am a penny pinching woman. One of my favorite places to head when Im think fast easy and cheap is the Canadian Living Website. It is one of my favorite places to stop. So here is my plan for the week.

Monday- Breakfast for dinner: waffles, and maple syrup and fruit salad.

Tuesday-Shrimp Boil, a yummy treat, now we do not add the kielbasa to this one but other then that we love. it

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese Sandwichs, and Tomato Soup

Thursday- Chickpea Ragout with Polenta

Went vegan on this one as I am having company for dinner who are vegan.

Friday-Cheese Pizza, and salad

Saturday- Broccoli and Tortellini

Sunday- Chicken and Green Bean Stew, fresh rolls

Now I am off to visit Laura over at Organizing Junkie to see what everyone else is cooking.

Halloween and other Musings

Last night here it was Halloween. What is a new muslimah supposed to do when she has raised her child always doing Halloween? For me I am finding it hard to live here where so much is haram. You know the stuff that wont bring you closer to Allah.

You see Halloween has its roots in Paganism, and yes today’s kids going door to door around your neighborhood begging is not the same as the old rituals yet to participate is to give in to stuff that really isnt the best choice. Last night I gave in. You see I have a 10 year old daughter who isn’t sure she wants to be Muslim, after all the only Muslim she sees now is me. My mom is also a Holiday lover, and goes overboard for them all. Being this close to her does not help me increase my deen. I feel a bit at a loss in this new faith of mind, and some days like last night I find myself feeling bad. Feeling caught between two worlds, anyone else ever feel this?

It is this caught between two worlds that has me a bit scared. How can I really increase in faith, when I am so isolated. I find myself really missing the Muslim community of Toronto. At least there I had Muslims around I could learn from, here really I have no one, so much for being a rural Muslimah. My daughter has no friends now that are Muslim, unlike Toronto when her best friends were.

I have recently found myself online more and more seeking learning and community but even that is hard to find. I did find an online Arabic class so I think I am going to start that soon, I really want to be able to speak and read it. I am reading several blogs by Muslimah bloggers so expect to see a blog roll here soon not only of Muslimahs but of my other passion everything frugal. So visitors, if you live in the west,or are a revert like me how do you balance things? How did you make that transition?

A Thief in the House

Yesterday I allowed my daughter to have friends over after school. I am now second guessing my choice, as one ended up taking jewelery and money from my home. I must admit after I found out a huge variety of emotions filled me. Anger, frustration and disappointment were at the head of these though. I had been told I didn’t live in best neighborhood, to watch who my daughter befriended and so far it looks like she is making poor ones. So what does a mom do?

I know I need to forgive that is a given, but how do I help my daughter make better friends in the rough end of town? This is what I am up and pondering so early in the morning.

Today is Global Pink Hijabi Day!

Last year was the first Pink Hijab Day, this year it is an Global Day, and we so need it, breast cancer effects women in every country. Today I will proudly wear my pink hijab. For me this is personal as I lost my gram 2 years ago to breast cancer. Breast Cancer effects thousands every year. Early detection is key so make sure you self test. For more info on this awful disease please visit here.  So are you wearing pink?

this is me in pink for the day….

so where is your pink today?

so where is your pink today?