Sorry for the delay

It has been a long time since I updated this blog, for me I have to say I have been a struggling new muslimah. There is much to the deen and I think I was trying to take it all on too fast and when you do it in a place where there is no support it takes so much more.

I have had no one to teach me, mentor me, lead me, only Allah. I am thankful that I know in my heart Allah never leaves alone in this struggle. I think he also understands mine. I try to balance the West and Islam. How it will turn out I am unsure.

I know I believe in one God, one Allah, with all my heart but I have had to take a step back because Iam so unsure.  Did I embrace Islam going toward something or as an escape? I have gone back to my own roots in the bible, because I need to read it with  newer eyes, I need to look at the bigger picture of faith.I am also still reading the quaran.

As for daily salat, yes I am praying. As for halal? Well here in Rural Nova Scotia it is hard, as for hijab, for me I am realizing it is more then a scarf, it is a change of heart and way, that is not easy to embrace when you are the only woman in town.

Really I wish I had one sister here that I could share with, learn with, hash things out with but that is not possible I know.

I have started blogging again but instead of my story of my journey into the deen, it is more the story of my life a single parent in Canada, trying to be frugal, make sense and save sense. Faith wise it is written from one that I think any woman of any faith could understand. If you wish to visit me there please do. I can be found at


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