Proudest Mommy Moment

Last night my daughter who is 11 came home last night and told me that her teacher introduced a book in class as there next major chapter book to be read as a class. The book follows the life of one young Muslim girl in Afghanistan. So Rachel shared with her class that we are Muslim, she also said she would bring things from home that Muslims use. So she came to me and asked me if she could bring my prayer rug ( I only have one.) and a couple of my different style hijabs.  I said yes.

So this morning she asked if she could wear her hijab to school. This is a first! My daughter likes hijab but was fearful of wearing it to school. She is only Muslim female student in town. So today when she asked I was quick to say Yes. So she picked her pink hijab and wore it to school. I was so proud!

She came home from lunch to tell me her morning had gone well. She had a chance to show the class how one would use a prayer rug, what wudu is, and why a Muslim woman wears hijab. She said her classmates were very interested.

Tonight I got a call from her teacher telling me that my dear daughter had done an amazing job and brought what it was like to be a muslim child to life for her class. She asked if I could send in any more resources about Islam that I thought the class would enjoy. I said I would if I could think of things that would benefit them. So if you had a chance to share Islam with a group of 10 and 11 year olds what would you share?

For me I am so proud of my daughter as a new muslimah that she shared her faith with her class. Oh and as this book will take them all through the month of November and Early Dec, the teacher wants Rachel to teach about Eid (something Rachel has yet to celebrate herself yet) so I guess I better get looking for resources on teaching her about the upcoming Eid.


7 responses to “Proudest Mommy Moment

  1. Salaams Sister
    How nice MashaAllah! Sounds like your duaghter did an excellent job. Not sure about resources for 10-11 year olds, my kids are still small. Did see a review for “Muslim Child: Understanding Islam through Stories and Poems” in Sisters magazine; it looks really good. May Allah guide you

  2. saLam
    masyaALLah,im speecHLess,wat a Nice stoRy,thts touch my deepLy pRouD of heR too,saLute foR heR

  3. Thanks Tia and Ayesha for your kind comments.

    Ayesha I will look for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Masha’allah! May Allah guide and protect your daughter.

  5. Masha Allah–that is really wonderful. I was an early childhood teacher in Islamic schools and darned if I can remember what would be appropruate for that age group. Off the top of my head you might let her teach them some simple Arabic phrases like “Assalaamu alaikum” and “Allah barak feek(i)” giving the meanings in English. Maybe bake a pan of sweets–recipe for basboosa is on my site–and have her share it with the class. Maybe the class could also make Ramadan lanterns–I might be able to find a template on the net. I’ve used ones you cut out and others just a nice lantern you can paint on paper.

  6. Mashallah! May Allah bestow His blessings on you and your daughter. You are doing wonderful!

  7. Assalam-alaikam,
    I don’t even know your daughter and I am proud of her. She really has guts. I agree with Cairo Wife’s suggestions of sending in food and teaching arabic phrases. Also anything tactile like prayer beads or a prayer hat.

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