Halloween and other Musings

Last night here it was Halloween. What is a new muslimah supposed to do when she has raised her child always doing Halloween? For me I am finding it hard to live here where so much is haram. You know the stuff that wont bring you closer to Allah.

You see Halloween has its roots in Paganism, and yes today’s kids going door to door around your neighborhood begging is not the same as the old rituals yet to participate is to give in to stuff that really isnt the best choice. Last night I gave in. You see I have a 10 year old daughter who isn’t sure she wants to be Muslim, after all the only Muslim she sees now is me. My mom is also a Holiday lover, and goes overboard for them all. Being this close to her does not help me increase my deen. I feel a bit at a loss in this new faith of mind, and some days like last night I find myself feeling bad. Feeling caught between two worlds, anyone else ever feel this?

It is this caught between two worlds that has me a bit scared. How can I really increase in faith, when I am so isolated. I find myself really missing the Muslim community of Toronto. At least there I had Muslims around I could learn from, here really I have no one, so much for being a rural Muslimah. My daughter has no friends now that are Muslim, unlike Toronto when her best friends were.

I have recently found myself online more and more seeking learning and community but even that is hard to find. I did find an online Arabic class so I think I am going to start that soon, I really want to be able to speak and read it. I am reading several blogs by Muslimah bloggers so expect to see a blog roll here soon not only of Muslimahs but of my other passion everything frugal. So visitors, if you live in the west,or are a revert like me how do you balance things? How did you make that transition?


3 responses to “Halloween and other Musings

  1. as salamu alaykum sister,

    I’ve just found out your blog mash’Allah! And I’m reading and reading… may Allah make everything easy for you insh’Allah!!!

    We had Halloween here in UK too but nobody knocking at the door, alhamdulillah 🙂

  2. sorry…didn’t answer your questions 😦

    well, I’m a revert but my family doesn’t live here in Uk so everything, we can say, has been easier from that point of view. But it’s also true that you learn with “time”, you need lots of patience and wait that your imaan grows, slowly, trying to do your best to please Allah. Don’t worry if you will feel “guilty” of doing something that is not part of Islam now. You are learning and with time, asking Allah’s help in your prayers, things will get easier and easier insh’Allah! I really wish it for you, you seems such a sincere and nice sister mash’Allah tabarakAllah! 🙂

  3. Assalamu ‘alaykum sister, I pray that you are in the best of health and eemaan, ameen.

    I am also a revert and I really feel for you, I can imagine it must be hard for you and your daughter living somewhere where you do not have the support you’re so much in need of.

    I came into Islam when my eldest daughter was about 5mths old alhamdulillaah, my mum had an idea that I was interested in Islam well before I became muslim, and so I think she was well prepared when I did actually go ahead and take the shahada. I lived about an hour away from my family at that time, and so would see them maybe every couple of weeks.
    Alhamdulillaah I have not really had any problems from my family since reverting to Islam, I did however find it hard to stop celebrating Christmas with them, birthdays etc… and I think they found it hard also. Whenever possible I try to buy them gifts, especially my mum, throughout the year to show that I do still love them, and I dont have to give a gift on a set day of the year to show that, so I think that helps.
    My mum on occasion has sent us ‘eid cards, but alhamdulillaah has not thrown it back in my face when I continue to not buy christmas/b’day cards.
    I do sometimes find it hard when I go to stay with them, I’m the only muslim there, and try hard to be strong, but feel myself weaken when not
    surrounded with Islam, or being in my own environment.
    Also, it’s true, as your eemaan grows through learning, you will feel much stronger, and insha Allaah your daughter will see the beauty of Islam through you.
    Insha Allaah try your best to stay in touch with other muslimahs, and make plenty of du’a to Allaah to strengthen to you and your daughter.
    May Allaah make it easy for you ameen.

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