A Thief in the House

Yesterday I allowed my daughter to have friends over after school. I am now second guessing my choice, as one ended up taking jewelery and money from my home. I must admit after I found out a huge variety of emotions filled me. Anger, frustration and disappointment were at the head of these though. I had been told I didn’t live in best neighborhood, to watch who my daughter befriended and so far it looks like she is making poor ones. So what does a mom do?

I know I need to forgive that is a given, but how do I help my daughter make better friends in the rough end of town? This is what I am up and pondering so early in the morning.


3 responses to “A Thief in the House

  1. Ouch! that is sad… Can you change her to another school?

  2. salaams, may Allah SWT make it easy for you! Love your blog.

  3. ruralmuslimah

    sugar daddy no changing schools at this point is not an option

    Ayesha thank you for stopping by Salams!

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