Figuring things Out

After one says there shadada there is so very much to learn. When you are new to Islam I often wonder if others feel like me, a bit overwhelmed. Here I find myself Muslim for a bit now and find it hard to learn my deen. Because I live in rural Nova Scotia I am at a loss and I have no mentors, no one really teaching me. I must teach myself and figure things out for myself. So how does this sister learn?

1) I am thankful to the wonderful videos on you tube that teach the prayers of Islam, this helps me learn them.

2) I read and read some more, and listen. I find myself online alot reading about Islam from Islamic teachers, and in forums, but then you get so many different takes on what the hadith and Quran are saying.

3) I read the Quran even if it is in English and try and learn more for myself

4) I pray that Allah who put me on this path will guide me.

5) I read several blogs that too share what Muslim life is about.

so even here in rural Canada it is possible to learn my deen it is just harder and you must really work for it.


One response to “Figuring things Out

  1. Assalam-alaikam,
    I agree the internet can be a great tool. I can’t get to classes despite there being a multitude locally due to work and children, so the internet can be invaluable. I noticed that Sister Umm Zakaria over at her Hijabi Apprentice blogspot is doing an internet course with Sunnipath which has got me interested. However saying all of that, the one time I made time to take a class (during maternity leave and dragging two kids along) it was sitgnificantly more effective that the internet. Also I have the same issue with the internet of lots of points of view and interpretations, which keeps making me think I need to hit the books if I am to discern which one is more valid (if there is such a thing)

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