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A Thief in the House

Yesterday I allowed my daughter to have friends over after school. I am now second guessing my choice, as one ended up taking jewelery and money from my home. I must admit after I found out a huge variety of emotions filled me. Anger, frustration and disappointment were at the head of these though. I had been told I didn’t live in best neighborhood, to watch who my daughter befriended and so far it looks like she is making poor ones. So what does a mom do?

I know I need to forgive that is a given, but how do I help my daughter make better friends in the rough end of town? This is what I am up and pondering so early in the morning.


Today is Global Pink Hijabi Day!

Last year was the first Pink Hijab Day, this year it is an Global Day, and we so need it, breast cancer effects women in every country. Today I will proudly wear my pink hijab. For me this is personal as I lost my gram 2 years ago to breast cancer. Breast Cancer effects thousands every year. Early detection is key so make sure you self test. For more info on this awful disease please visit here.  So are you wearing pink?

this is me in pink for the day….

so where is your pink today?

so where is your pink today?

One of them Days

This morning started out like any other with me getting up and praying and getting ready for my day, and then I go to get up my sweet 10 yr old, well today wasnt a sweet day. My daughter, Roo woke up with swollen eyes. So guess who’s well planned day got unto a different course? MINE!

So what does one do when thrown off there well planned path? For me

  • Read, more and more I want to be reading Allah’s word even if it is an English translation.
  • Clean, I had put off really organizing my bedroom, so that is done, yeah!
  • Do puzzles with Roo
  • Bake : I made chocolate pudding cake
  • Blog and go for a blog walk reading many great ones out there today
  • Chat both with my mom and my future guy.

Sometimes a day off plan can be a very good thing! It all depends on perspective.

People of the Book

One of the lessons I have learned in this last year as I have journeyed into Islam, is that there is much that is shared by Islam and the rest of the religirous world.  First like Jews and Christians we beleive in one God…one no other. For me that offers me a direct connection.

Second like Christians we accept the writing of all the early prophets, and we use the gospels as well, most people don’t realize that these are accepted to Muslims as scripture. WE call those that follow them “People of the Book”.

For me many of my favorite verses are in the Psalms. For years I was a young woman of the book. I attended seminary, I worked hard to learn my faith yet it left me yearning more and for me I found what I needed in the Quran. For me it brought me to God, to Allah. Do I think those that follow the book wrong?

Maybe, maybe lam, but as is said in the Quran Islam is not a faith of compulsion. People of the Book and Muslims in the old days for several centuries were able to live in peace, and understanding. So it hurts when I see such a lack of understanding and teaching, For me I pray for more one on one dialog, more one on one understanding, and then perhaps we can get to what I think God would want, living side by side in peace…all of us worshiping one God.

Menu Monday-Quick, Easy and Frugal

I used to have another blog where I was a regular for a bit participating in Menu Monday hosted by the wonderful Laura over at Im an Organizing Junkie. I have decided now that I am settled in here that menu planning is once again a must for me.

For those who are visiting me for the first time, welcome to my neck of the woods. I am a single mom living in rural Nova Scotia who loves to keep things simple and frugal. I feed just two of us: an active 10 yr old and me.

So on the menu this week:

Monday- I happened to visit $5 dinners and loved her Taco Soup recipe so we are doing that. We buy halal beef for this recipe.

Tuesday- It is breakfast for dinner- scrambled eggs and toast, with tomato slices.

Wednesday- Fried Rice and Egg Rolls

Thursday- Slow Cooker Cooking this day-Easy Slow Cooker chicken, served with salad

Friday- Cheese Pizza, served with left over salad

Saturday- leftovers

Sunday- I work so today I bring home dinner- a 12 inch seafood sub that we share, with chips on the side.

Rain Storms

Here last night I ended up walking home in the rain. I left work about 30 minutes late as I took a customer’s call just before I was supposed to leave and guess what? It was the longest call of the day.  As I walked home I couldn’t help but think of the rain and how hard the day had been and it really had been.

Then I was drawn to thoughts of how Allah prepares us for rain storms. Whether it is simply a bad day, with the daily storms that can come such  as long calls, harsh customers, a child who isn’t doing what you thought they would be, all of those little storms Allah prepares us for. My faith teaches me patience and turning to Him in prayer. I tend to do this alot when I am getting discouraged with the daily grind. My faith also teaches me to look for the good in the rain, and I can usually find something good in each  moment no matter how hard like learning something new or that I can use in the future.

Then there are the bigger storms that come, like after I got home I could here the winds pick up, I could hear the rain harshly beating on my windows. I can look out this morning and see damage from this rain storm, and then I thought sometimes in our lives the storms do come. For me the major storms in my life have been the loss of all my material possessions in a fire, the destruction of a home in a hurricane, a cancer scare, the diagnosis of a daughter with a learning disability, and the death of family members. These are all storms that come. How we deal with these rain storms vary. For me these are the times that I find faith becomes more important to me. I find this is when I am in prayer more, this is when I find myself looking for the little good things, and being thankful for them.

For me I know that we need the storms, they help us grow as humans and each has its purpose just as each drop of rain provides life in the Eco system. For all the storms that come may I say Thank you Allah, for in them we can find good if we but look.

The Good of Islam

I recently visited a religious forum where Islam was being discussed, more it was as I read the posts one after one were filled with inaccuracies. So often the only Islam westerners see is the media and its portrayal of Islam. Where there has been some encouraging media coverage this is not often the case. Most often Muslims are seen as forcing their way even if they are a minority, seen as wanting to kill the infidel, etc. Most don’t even know a real Islamic doctrine if they saw one.

So let me be clear here there is much that is good in Islam!

First my faith is a pretty simple one especially right now. I believe in one God, that God, Allah, is master controller of all, and your creator. I have a religion that loves and savors PEACE! I serve and worship a God that is good.

My faith has me praying 5 times each day, at least. Why ? So I can be reminded in my worship and prayer who put me here and why I am here. I pray for forgiveness each time and try and live a pure and clean life.

My faith has me and fellow Muslims doing good to and for our neighbours all over the world, regardless of that persons belief. We often here of how christian organizations are out there doing good, well so are regualr everyday Muslims we just go about it quietly without fanfare after all who’s reward is it that we want? If you have never heard of the charitable acts of Muslims around the world, I invite you to read the stories of Muslims coming together to help others found on Islamic Relief, only one organization that does good every day, sometimes even in your neighbourhood.

My faith teaches me to obey the laws of where I live and to do so in peace, as long as I am allowed to worship.

My only jihad is to overcome the sin that is in me each day, and to fight it, and to draw closer to my God.

My Islam is full of good, now if only some were willing to see it. Maybe we could have more understanding, maybe we would understand each other better, maybe we could live beside each other in peace just as many early Muslims did with their neighbours for centuries and as many continue to do today.