Work and being a Muslim

This week was my first week of really job hunting as a Muslim woman. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of employers here in the New Glasgow area. In my interview I asked about getting off for juma prayers and that accommodation was given to me when I signed an employment contract today. As well there is a place to pray and everything. As well there is no problem in me wearing a head scarf…so I am all set and I start my new job on Monday. So even in rural Canada we can have faith and be part of the work world.


2 responses to “Work and being a Muslim

  1. I know of people in the UK who through the grace of Allah have been going to work in the full sunnah dress for the past 13 or so years, working in non muslim environment. When we intend to do a thing Allah makes it easy. Our “uniform” even gives us distinction and respect. We shoul be proud of our ideals and we need to remember Rizk was wriiten before we were born, so it doesnt matter what we wear, what is meant for us seeks us out.

  2. Assalam-alaikam,
    it’s nice to hear that you’re employers are so understanding, most often you hear people complain about the problems they are facing. I agree with maji6, I work in the UK and can wear abaya to work as do many women now, one acquaintance works in the civil service and wears niqab – a first I suspect. A nice way of putting it “what is meant for us seeks us out”. I hope this job brings fulfilment for you insh’Allah.

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