Monthly Archives: September 2008

Work and being a Muslim

This week was my first week of really job hunting as a Muslim woman. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of employers here in the New Glasgow area. In my interview I asked about getting off for juma prayers and that accommodation was given to me when I signed an employment contract today. As well there is a place to pray and everything. As well there is no problem in me wearing a head scarf…so I am all set and I start my new job on Monday. So even in rural Canada we can have faith and be part of the work world.


The Move to Nowhere

Well I got home 2 weeks ago and found out they were selling the house that I rented and they wanted me out fast. While I was visiting Nova Scotia mom and I talked about me moving home so within 8 days I packed and came home.

Now I am in Nowhere Nova Scotia, actually a small village called Scotsburn NS. It is near Pictou and about 1/2 hour from New Glasgow. So right now I am getting used to being here and looking for work and a place for me and Roo.

With the move has also come some other changes. My mother now knows that I am Muslim and well I think she is still digesting it, as she has known only a few days.

I am also in an area with FEW fellow Muslims, there is no masjid within a 45 minute drive. We do have juma prayers on Friday here in town but that is it. So here I am doing my first Ramadan basically on my own.

Well that is where I am at today, I pray you are all having a blessed Ramadan.