An Islamic Wedding

 On Sunday I received a last minute wedding invitation to the wedding of a revert and his bride that was happening here in Toronto…My friends across the street thought it would be important to me to see this.

First it was so different then anything that i have seen here in the west. Here it is all about the show of it. I liked that it was simple in so many ways… The women gathered on the sisters side of the masjid to help the bride celebrate and the groom well he was over with the men.

In Islam there is the dowry to consider, and there is the needed permission from the Wali or sponsor. So the women’s representative and his haggle it out ceremonially of course. For this was decided long before the wedding,  The sisters party with the bride…

Prayers are said, and the Iman speaks to the couple and then the food is served. What a feast it was! The food was amazing!!

There is no magical kiss, no music, no dj, none of that…..the simplicity was very cool to watch.


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