First time at the Masjid

Well yesterday my daughter ( she is 10) and I got ready and attended afternoon prayer at the Masjid Toronto.  it was my first experience inside a Masjid. First there is an entrance for the men and one for the women. Men and women are separated, the women going upstairs to pray and listen to the talk that is given on Fridays. There were young and old alike from every nation it seemed so Islam is not just an Arab faith. my daughter and I were welcomed by sisters who showed us such great hospitality. We listened intently and were able to make some new contacts in the community. For us it was a good experience.  It was exciting to see the absolute reverence about worship, the quiet still even from the children. I came home feeling renewed and glad I went.


One response to “First time at the Masjid

  1. Thats great !

    Its my first time on your blog, seems like its gonna turn out real good inshaAllah.

    may Allah ease your affairs.

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