First Hand Expereince with the Hijab

Well today I decided to take my journey one step further today and wore the hijab. Yes I was going to the mosque for the mid afternoon prayer and well to be respectful I decoded to would go attired properly. So my daughter and I dressed modestly and put on the hijab. Then we went to run a few errands on the way to the meting. Lets just say i was a bit surprised by a few of the reactions I got considering that I live in Toronto.


  • bank teller- what is that garb you are wearing? and why? haven’t sen that on you before.
  • my landlord who I bumped into- You are thinking of becoming what!
  • Muslims sisters- smiles and greetings!
  • a Muslim Brother who I had a conversation with after we were done talking: It is so cool to see you wearing it I wished more of the sisters did.

I will write more later about my experience at the mosque.


3 responses to “First Hand Expereince with the Hijab

  1. A cultural guide for the non believer

    It would be nice to see a picture of what a Hijab is.

    Religion is fun, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously. The bible is about God damning Jesus. Jesus was damned and the bible tells us how to beat this by telling us what happened. We are Jesus and he paid. Lucifer damns us anyway, so religion is not important.

    Heaven and hell do not exist, except for what God gave us here and it continues to be hell by choice, so afterlife is really damning that was stopped. God did not give us an afterlife, lucifer did.

    Religion is just a record of damned humans. If read properly, it can give you an edge.

  2. Congratulations…
    Keep being a good muslimah.

  3. Mashaa Allah! Congratulations for wearing the hijab. If you need more inspiration on it, visit my site.

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